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The 4 Greatest Reasons Why Acrow Props Are Your Buliders Mate

Acrow props were first introduced in the 1930s by a Swiss gentleman called William de Vigier. His idea for a more stable and stronger prop to use in construction seemed to him to be the way forward for the construction industry. At the time, not everybody agreed with him, but 80 years later Acrow props Read More

6 Safety Tips to Remember When Working With Scaffolding

Whether you are considering scaffolding for a private job or for a commercial property, you should ensure that your scaffolding meets the same requirements as those erected by a professional Australian scaffolding company. In fact, considering these safety concerns as being different is complete folly, and the same precautions should be taken when using scaffolding. Read More

5 Tips For Hiring Scaffolding For Less In Melbourne

Whether you are a homeowner looking to stay safe during DIY or a builder looking to increase your productivity, finding quality scaffolding at the right price is key. Here are five no-nonsense tips for hiring scaffolding for less in Melbourne. Tip #1. Only Hire From A Firm With Public Liability Insurance To minimize your costs, Read More